Are you searching for that cozy, down-home feeling of escaping to a log cabin tucked away in the countryside? An opportunity to nestle up to the warmth and comforting aroma of a fireplace, all while sipping on hot cocoa under grandma’s quilt? Would you prefer it be accompanied by the luxury and modern amenities of a spa retreat, without roughing it in the backwoods? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then what you’re searching for is a very particular experience: rustic elegance. And rustic elegance is exactly what this home provides.

From the first approach, the log cabin exterior and wrap-around porch is plucked straight from a holiday postcard you’d find at a country general store. No matter the season, you immediately imagine the home capped with snow, the wooden walls shining with a welcoming glow under the perfectly arranged spotlights found throughout the porch. Can you hear the carolers? That’s the holiday music played from the hidden speakers in the porch as part of the whole home wired sound system.

Once inside, you’ll immediately be drawn to the gorgeous, two-story stone fireplace that connects the living room and dining area. As your eyes are drawn upward, you’ll marvel at the steeple pine ceiling, accented windows, and exposed support beams. Little flourishes on the beams, decorative iron plates at the joints, and purposeful cracks in the wood all provide that extra panache to the rustic atmosphere.

The music doesn’t stop at the porch. Concealed speakers are located in every room in the house, and can be turned off or on, or sourced individually. A 42’’ Hitachi TV is mounted above the fireplace and includes a surround sound system. All of the entertainment is ultimately wielded by a master control center located at the second-floor overlook, just at the top of the stairs. Living room and dining area are open to a kitchen fit for a master chef. A Viking refrigerator, built in and perfectly camouflaged with the cabinets, is paired with a Viking gas range and griddle combo. As if that weren’t enough, the stove is accompanied with a commercial hood vent, as well as a heat-lamp shelf that ensures one dish doesn’t grow cold or get over-cooked as another dish is finished up. Moreover, the massive granite island provides ample room for all the necessary prep-work required to truly utilize the range. Cleverly, both sides of the island are outfitted with excellent storage composing of an assortment of cabinets and drawers.

After expertly preparing the perfect meal with your commercial grade appliances, it’s time to relax. In the master bathroom, you can choose to light a few candles and enjoy a glass of wine while soaking in a deep corner tub. If you want, you can use the mounted TV to finish watching your mealtime movie. If a soaking isn’t your preference, then perhaps you can unwind in the steam shower instead. No matter your relaxation preferences, at the end of the day you’ll find comfort retiring to your master bedroom. With one switch, you can access all the exterior lights, turning them on or off for security; granting a peaceful night’s sleep.